Tony Spera, 
Director, N.E.S.P.R.
Curator: Warren's Occult Museum
Associates Degree: Law Enforcement
Bachelor's Degree, University of Connecticut

Judy Spera
Co-Director, N.E.S.P.R.
Daughter of Lorraine and Ed Warren
Frank Chiafari
Senior Lead Investigator
Police Officer, 31 Years
Worked with the Warren's since 1991
Dan Rivera
Senior Investigator
U.S. Army Veteran
Specialty: Santeria
Team Member, six years 
Chris McKinnell ( Grandson, Ed and Lorraine Warren)
​Senior Investigator
Bachelor's Degree, University of Connecticut
Worked with the Warrens since 1980's

Teri Chiafari, Business Manager
Bachelor's Degree, Malloy College
Our Society Members